We are all very proud of our HQ, it’s light, spacious, perfectly suited for loads of kids to charge around making a din. It wasn’t always like that, as some of the pictures below illustrate.

Throughout 2006, a committed group of parents raised money by climbing mountains, flipping burgers, washing hundreds of cars and applying to every charitable fund in the South East.  Through their magnificent efforts, we now have our fabulous Scout Hut.  But, our HQ didn’t always look so pristine…..

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The building was condemned and needed to be replaced.

logo1 A4And so the work began….

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Our group Chairman, Ant Hesse, in his plastering days, bish, bosh..


Martin of ‘Riordan’s Interiors ‘, always available for a bit of painting and decorating…


The 1st Englefield Green group of heroes.  Top stuff.  It brings a tear to my eye….

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