Super Stickering Scouts

We had 12,000 Christmas CD’s delivered on Thursday. The following night, the Scouts set about adding two stickers to each CD.  That made 24,000 stickers..!  It was a not a job for the faint-hearted, thankfully for the group, the Scouts took to the task with great enthusiasm and stickered on an industrial level.

Ben leads the way, look at that perfect technique


Dylan and Matthew get into the zone


Bella decided on a personal conveyor belt system. Go girl…!


Who knows what Kieran was up to..?  Eventually his table settled into a perfect sticker rhythm,..

IMG_3528 IMG_3524 IMG_3519

The kids did stunning job that was not just helpful to our group, but most importantly to the other 14 Scout groups who are using the Christmas CD to raise funds.  Well done the Scouts, top stickering…


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