Sittin’ On the Dock of the Lake

With the temperature nudging 90 degrees, we headed off to JB Ski wakeboard centre in Chertsey, for a night of fun on the water.  The pack was split into two groups, the older Cubs headed out onto the lake for some board surfin’, while the younger ones donned their wet suits and enjoyed JB’s cable wakeboarding experience.  The Cubs queue patiently:

IMG_2356 IMG_2525

On the other side of the lake, our budding wakeboarders cooled down by hitting the water on their boards..

IMG_2369 IMG_2361

Finn and Nathan clearly enjoyed themselves.


After splashing about, the Cubs enjoyed the great ‘beach like’ facilties on offer at JB Ski and a game of volleyball broke out. Sun, sand and erm..squash, what a wonderful evening.  Caelan, Sam and Connor lead the way..

IMG_2345 IMG_2344 IMG_2342

As the light began to fade, Rama hit the lake to show the boys a few moves.  Look at that athleticism, grace, style on the water, truly a born wakeboarder…


A big thanks to Baloo for organising the activity at very short notice.  It was a lovely evening, enjoyed by parents, siblings and all the Cubs.

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