Helter Shelter

The shelter building in Great Windsor Park is a Cubs night everyone enjoys.  The kids get to dash about the woods collecting armfuls of sticks and then try to build a shelter.  What’s not to enjoy about that…?  The park looked in great condition..


We had a number of different shelter designs.  Our resident Lawrence Llewllyn Bowen, Jim, went for a large airy construction with yellow six.




Kaa arrived with a rucksack full of army surplus gear.  Stretching the long established rules of shelter building to the limit, the purple six used an army camouflage sheet on their construction.  The Cubs cried ‘foul..’ Look at the guilt on this leaders face…

IMG_1959 IMG_1958

The green, red & blue sixes piled up their sticks and made a really good fist of the activity.  The green sixes’ shelter was so good that a month later, someone was actually living in it..! This hardy soul had added a tarpaulin and a canvas floor, and moved in.  Great building greens…!!

IMG_2533 IMG_2543

IMG_1945 IMG_1955 IMG_1956 IMG_1969     IMG_1973



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